The Creston campus is currently experiencing difficulties with its on-campus television monitor message system. The television monitor system posts various campus-wide messages in the Instructional Center. At this time, the college is not planning to replace this system. Instead, faculty and staff will communicate more information to students through e-mail, the SWCC website, and beginning Spring 2009 semester, we plan to introduce the SWCC Weekly Student Edition, a weekly electronic communication to students featuring campus news, announcements, and events. These forms of communication will effectively replace the monitoring system and save the institution money during this difficult economic time.

In addition to these forms of communication, we continue to promote the use of our campus-wide text messaging service. The text messaging service alerts students of instructor absences, school closings or delays, and on-campus emergencies. If you have not signed up for the text messaging services, you are encouraged to do so at this time. Please check your student e-mail for instructions on how to sign up for the text messaging service.