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Students from the Osceola High School and Creston college carpentry and building trades classes braved the wind, cold, and rain yesterday, November 20, to help neighbors in Osceola with a ramp project on their house. 

BreedersClassic2The SWCC agricultural department held the 2013 Breeder’s Classic Sale on Sun., November 10, 2013.  There were almost 200 people in attendance selling 26 head with an average of $1,646.  Bred females averaged $2,340.  There were more than 20 local consignors represented with over 50 area businesses and individuals sponsoring the event.

Sign your team up for the SWCC Intramural Dodgeball league this week in the Student Center lobby at lunchtime or by contacting Addae Houston, SWCC head women's basketball coach. Games will be played from 7-9 p.m. on the following dates in the Student Center gymnasium: Oct. 28, Nov. 4, Nov. 6, Nov. 11, and Nov. 19.

Teams must consist of six SWCC students.  Each team must be as equally balanced as possible with three men and three women. Some exceptions can be made (ex. five women, three men). Teams are encouraged to have fun and design team t-shirts or costumes! Teams will compete in pool play with two divisions format. Best record from divisions will play for the championship. Team phone numbers and e-mails must be provided in case of cancellation or time change.

SWCCweek_logoThe college’s third annual SWCC Week will be held November 18-22, 2013!  Fun events are being planned for SWCC students throughout that week.  Some of the events will include a dodge ball tournament, Call of Duty game night, and turkey bowling.  See the complete agenda below to plan your week of fun!

October 21-25, 2013, is National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week.  SWCC will recognize Alcohol Awareness Week with events on campus:

  • Tuesday, October 22 - The SWCC volleyball team takes on Southeast NE at 6:30 p.m. in the Student Center gymnasium. The SWCC student ambassadors will hand out Lifesavers to remind us to “Be a Lifesaver, Drink Responsibly.”
  • Wednesday, October 23 - “Mocktails” and the Creston Police Department’s driving simulator.  Stop by the Student Center from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.  “Mocktails” will be served and test out the driving simulator.
  • All Week - Alcohol Awareness information table will be located outside the library.

We hope to see everyone at these Alcohol Awareness Week activities!



BirthingSimulator ForWeb
Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa recently donated a birthing simulator to the Southwestern Community College nursing department.

The PROMPT Birthing Simulator (Trainer) - Force Monitoring will allow SWCC students to learn hands-on techniques and will allow instructors to manipulate birthing situations for maximum training. The simulator includes a force monitoring baby which is fitted with an electronic strain gauge allowing for the measurement of force applied to the baby as it is delivered.