Creston— The Southwestern Community College (SWCC) board of trustees met Tuesday, September 10, 2013, at 5:30 p.m. in the Administration Center on the Creston campus.

The board approved the college’s five-year facilities plan, which had been given to them for review at the August 2013 board meeting.  The Department of Education requires the board to review and approve the plan on an annual basis.

Phil Tyler, Tyler Insurance Services, Inc., spoke with the board concerning the college’s insurance coverage.  Tyler told the board the Iowa Association of School Boards (IASB) program dictated a 9 percent renewal increase for property insurance rates.  Tyler indicated the increase is necessary due to storm-related losses in Iowa during the last five years, which have been above average in frequency and severity.  He explained to the board that the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) mandated a 3.7 percent increase effective April1, 2013, and another 7 percent increase on September 1, 2013, for worker’s compensation insurance.  According to Tyler, the college added two areas of coverage to its insurance during the past year:  cyber insurance and violent event response coverage.

Lesan reviewed the 260E Bond Trac report.  He noted SWCC has 21 remaining contracts with companies in the college’s region and one of these contracts will be paid off this year.  Lesan noted he hopes to have a new issuance to bring to the board before the end of the year.

Beth Kulow, SWCC’s dean of students, reported preliminary fall enrollment appears to be slightly below 1,600 students, with students enrolled for almost 15,500 credits.  Kulow noted a 19 percent decrease in online enrollment, attributed partially to the loss of one community college from the Iowa Community College Online Consortium.  She said out-of-state enrollment is up approximately 15 percent.  Kulow said on-campus housing is full and lack of adequate housing continues to be an issue when trying to increase enrollment.  She estimated the college being short approximately 70 housing spaces.  Kulow will give the final enrollment report at the October board of trustees meeting.

Jerry Smith, SWCC board member from Osceola, reported he will attend the Iowa Association of Community College Trustees meeting on Friday, September 13.  Dr. Barb Crittenden, SWCC president, mentioned that SWCC and Northwest Iowa Community College will co-host the IACCT Retreat, from March 31-April 1, in Des Moines.