Creston--Southwestern Community College's Education Foundation (EF) Board approved a proposal at its Tuesday, October 21, board meeting to offer a scholarship to any Educational Talent Search (ETS) participant who chooses to pursue his/her education at SWCC.  This scholarship will award an automatic $250 scholarship for ETS program participants in the schools served by Southwestern's ETS Program. These schools include Bedford, Clarke, Corning, Creston, East Union, Murray, Orient-Macksburg, Red Oak, and Villisca.

According to Stacy Gibbs, executive director of SWCC’s Education Foundation, the decision to offer the ETS student scholarships was not a difficult one for the EF Board.“The Education Foundation understands how scholarships play a major role in the recruitment and retention efforts at SWCC,” stated Gibbs.  “The EF board is very proud to be a part of this new scholarship initiative and looks forward to creating more opportunities to support students who choose SWCC for their college education.”

The ETS staff could not be happier about the opportunities these funds will provide for their program participants.

"Due to the tough economy and student loan crunch, these scholarships couldn’t have come at a better time," stated Erica Frey, Southwestern’s ETS program director. "This is just another excellent example of SWCC’s ongoing support and commitment to the ETS program and to our students.”

ETS is a federally funded grant program designed to help students go to college.  ETS outreach advisors work in the schools helping 6th-12th grade students prepare for college.  Key services provided by the program include career exploration, study skills reinforcement, college campus visits, aid throughout the college selection process, and assistance with the financial aid application process.  This year, ETS has approximately 800 program participants. Of the 800 students, 78 are seniors.