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Take your computer knowledge and make a career out of it at SWCC!  The demand for Web development positions continues to rise as a result of the use of technology in today's businesses. Emphasis in the Web development program will be placed on developing, maintaining, and publishing Web sites.  Students will utilize current software to develop professional graphics for Web sites.

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Web Development:  Associate of Applied Science Degree

Web Development Degree Sheet

Potential Careers
  • Web designer
  • Web developer
  • Multimedia specialist
Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:
  • assess the impact of technology and the Web on society.
  • describe current and emerging computer architecture.
  • identify, evaluate, utilize and solve problems with various operating applications server software systems.
  • describe technology and Web components of major business functions and how the interrelate.
  • assemble, evaluate, use and cite information from Web sources.
  • utilize, plan, develop, test and implement programs.
  • analyze and design information systems using appropriate development tools.
  • design, deploy and administer networks/Web servers and communications systems in relationship to the Web.
  • plan the selection and acquisition of Web technologies.
  • develop the technical and interpersonal skills and knowledge to support the user community.
  • design and implement risk management policies and procedures for information technology.
  • describe, analyze, develop and follow policies from managing privacy and ethical issues in organizations and in a technology-based society.

Instructor Gina Long