ArtDepartmentLogo HumanitiesPageArt & Design - The art & design department offers studio art courses which may be used as electives toward your bachelor's degree and fundamental art courses--such as art appreciation and art history--which may be used as humanities requirements for the associate of arts degree.  

SWCC has an art club which is open to any SWCC student who is interested in the arts.

About the instructor:  Linda Dainty

English -  SWCC's English instructors offer students classes such as fundamentals of oral communication, composition, creative writing, and interpersonal communications.  For the associate of arts degree, students are required to complete composition I, composition II, and interpersonal communications. 

About the instructors:  Josh Borgmann, Dawn Esser, and Dave Neas

Music - SWCC has an outstanding music department.  In addition to courses offered through the professional music program, there are also courses and music opportunities offered to arts and sciences students.

About the instructors:  Jason Smith, Lucas Mattson, and Ryan Howe