The health, math, and science departments at Southwestern Community College take pride in the personal attention and help they provide their students. The entry level student is met at his or her individual level of understanding of the subject and raised to the level desired to meet the student's academic and career goals.

The courses offered at SWCC assure that students are prepared for advanced study in areas requiring solid math and science proficiency. In a technological age, this knowledge is valuable to all students in order to be able to adjust to changing and challenging employment opportunities. Many life decisions require an application of concepts learned in math and science courses.

Math Instructors

Science Instructors--(L to R) Tom Dunphy, Wade Sick, and Justin Mann

Science Instructors--Mindy Skarda, Larry Clinton Williams, Lori Lester, Ed Trullinger, and Wade Sick 

Science Recommendations:
SWCC instructors recommend any student with a science-related career interest take the following courses during their first semester at SWCC:

  • MAT 127 College Algebra and Trig (5 credits) or
  • Two of the following (but not all in the first semester):  MAT 120 College Algebra (3 credits), MAT 134 Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry (3 credits), or MAT 156 Statistics (3 credits) 
  • CHM 166 General Chemistry I w/lab
  • BIO 112 General Biology I w/lab

During their second semester, students should take the following courses:

  • Second math course
  • CHM 176 General Chemistry II w/lab
  • BIO 113 General Biology II w/lab

During the student's second year at SWCC, it is recommended he or she take some or all of the following courses:

  • PHY 212 Classical Physics I w/lab - 1st semester
  • PHY 222 Classical Physics II w/lab - 2nd semester
  • CHM 261 Organic Chemistry I w/lab - 1st semester
  • CHM 271 Organic Chemistry II w/lab - 2nd semester
  • BIO 186 Microbiology w/lab - 1st semester
  • BIO 168 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
  • BIO 173 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
  • MAT 210 Calculus I - 1st semester
  • MAT 216 Calculus II - 2nd semester

Other science courses offered at SWCC are viewed as electives.

Students without a solid science and math background should start with the following introductory courses prior to the courses listed above:

  • MAT 156 Statistics
  • BIO 105 Introductory Biology
  • MAT 102 Intermediate Algebra
  • CHM 101 Fundamental Chemistry
  • PHS 125 Physical Science w/ lab 
  • BIO 191 Introduction to Biotechnology