Partnership programs studentsPartnership programs are in place to help you with transfer to four-year colleges or universities.  As a Southwestern Community College student, you can receive benefits at participating colleges while attending SWCC. Please contact Deb Pantini, SWCC's director of student development, for specific information related to SWCC partnership programs.

SWCC partnership institutions include:

Benefits students may have during partnership programs include:

  • Assignment of an academic advisor at the four-year school.
  • Guidance and access to student services at SWCC and four-year college.
  • Student ID from partner school while a student at SWCC.
  • Access to college services such as library access and use of career services and recreational facilities. 
  • Opportunities to access tickets for athletic and cultural events at student prices.   

Check back regularly for additional agreements between SWCC and other four-year colleges.

Buena Vista University - Graduate & Professional Studies

Students in the BVU Graduate & Professional Studies program appreciate the pace, academic rigor, class size, and the online or local community college campus class options that their BVU experience gives them.

It’s possible for undergraduates with 60 or more credit hours or an associate’s degree to earn a bachelor’s degree in as little as two years. For students seeking a bachelor’s degree, our advisors at each location facilitate a smooth transfer of credits from community colleges and other schools of higher education.

BVU’s diverse menu of programs offers options that meet your education needs, and you can combine online classes, face-to-face courses, and web-based classes to make scheduling even more convenient.

BVU has a location on the campus of Southwestern Community College.  Advisors are here to help you structure a program that will fit your lifestyle and financial situation, and meet your personal goals.

Graceland University - Admissions and Advising Partnership (AAP)

The Graceland University Admissions and Advising Partnership program (AAP) helps SWCC students smoothly transfer to Graceland.  Students benefit from academic advising and a shared experience with the university prior to transferring.  Graceland assists each student in planning his/her academic program at SWCC and Graceland to attain a B.A., B.S. or B.S.N. degree in a timely manner.

Benefits for students include:

  • Mentoring and academic advising from both institutions from the time the student is accepted into the program.
  • Guaranteed admission to Graceland under the catalog of beginning enrollment at SWCC, provided all admissions requirements are met.
  • Option to choose graduation requirements from the Graceland academic catalog at the time of entrance to SWCC or at the time of transfer to Graceland, whichever is most advantageous for the student.
  • Graceland student identification card, MyGraceland account, and e-mail address.
  • Admission to athletic and cultural events at the same rate as Graceland students.
  • Access to Graceland's career related programs, including career fairs and workshops.
  • Use of the Graceland University library.
  • Information about Graceland campus events and opportunities.
  • Updated transcripts sent by SWCC to Graceland at no charge after each semester.

Iowa State University - Admissions Partnership Program

Through the Admissions Partnership Program, SWCC students who plan to pursue bachelor's degrees at Iowa State will receive special benefits to help pave the way for academic success at both schools.  Students accepted into the Admissions Partnership Program will receive the following benefits while still enrolled at SWCC:

  • Advising and guidance from SWCC and Iowa State
  • Student services
  • Career fairs and career services
  • Library facilities
  • Extracurricular activities and opportunities
  • Recreational facilities and programs
  • Athletic events and entertainment events at student prices
  • Exhibits and cultural events
  • Opportunities to live in ISU housing

Northwest Missouri State University - Partnership Programs

Joint Admission provides students a mechanism to maximize utilization of facilities and programs offered jointly by NWMSU and SWCC while making the transition from the associate to the baccalaureate degree.  Joint admission offers students:

  • the ability to attend both schools simultaneously.
  • a Northwest picture ID/bank card to utilize at the library, dining facilities, and the Bearcat Bookstore to charge to a Northwest account.
  • student access to Northwest sporting events, concerts, speakers and other cultural events.
  • access to the Northwest library and to computer facilities operated by Northwest computer services, and academic advising at both institutions prior to transfer.   

The partnership agreement with NWMSU includes reverse transfer and joint admission information to enhance the educational experience of students attending both schools. 

University of Iowa - 2+2 Plan

Under the 2 Plus 2 plan, UI advisors will help SWCC students select the right courses to receive an associate of arts degree in two years at SWCC and successfully transfer to Iowa, where they can earn a bachelor’s degree in just two more years, guaranteed.

In addition to early advising, 2 Plus 2 students enjoy access to UI library and career-planning resources and discounted admission to select UI cultural and athletic events with their Iowa One Card, the official UI student ID.  Participating 2 Plus 2 students gain a world-class Iowa education, plus these benefits:

  • UI guarantee that you will get the Iowa courses you need to earn a BA in two years. 
  • Admission counselors and academic advisors helping you every step of the way.
  • An Iowa One Card (your official UI student ID), e-mail account, and electronic access to your records.
  • Discounted tickets to select UI athletic and cultural events with your Iowa One Card.
  • Access to Iowa's Pomerantz Career Center for career and internship exploration.
  • Guaranteed early registration for your first semester at Iowa, ensuring you a seat in essential classes.

The 2 Plus 2 plan is currently available to SWCC students pursuing approximately 15 Iowa majors.

Sparty and HerkyUniversity of Iowa - Online

With this option, you may complete an associate's degree from SWCC, then take University of Iowa (UI) course work online to earn a bachelor's degree.  You have the option of these UI degree programs:  bachelor of applied studies (BAS), bachelor of business administration (BBA), bachelor of liberal studies (BLS), or RN-BSN.

These certificates may be combined with your BBA, BLS or BAS degree: 

  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Public Health

University of Northern IowaAdmissions Partnership Program 

The Admissions Partnership Program (APP) is a coordinated plan between UNI and SWCC.  APP helps keep students on track with access to academic advisors, resources, and opportunities for a successful education.  All 120 majors at UNI are available with the APP plan.

Benefits to participating in APP include:

  • Guaranteed admission to UNI, provided all requirements are met.
  • Timely progress toward graduation.
  • Academic advising provided by SWCC and UNI from the point of acceptance into APP.
  • Early orientation and scheduling for the first semester at UNI.
  • Transcripts from the community college are sent to UNI automatically at the end of each semester, and then a degree audit is provided.
  • Guaranteed placement in UNI housing.
  • Receipt of updated college materials and information about campus events and opportunities.

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