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Interested in getting started on your college education, but can't make it to campus for classes?  Consider an online class through SWCC's High School Online Academy. 

  • Earn college credit with no cost to you
  • Learn from great instructors
  • Access free online tutoring services
  • Check your grade status 24/7

Check out the online courses available to high school students.   Once you've decided what course you want to take, view the class schedule page to see what's offered during upcoming semesters.  SWCC recommends you avoid taking online math or science courses as a high school student.  SWCC recommends taking only one online class during your first semester of college. 

Recommended Courses:
ART 101 Art Appreciation
BIO 151 Nutrition
BUS 102 Introduction to Business
ENG 105 Composition I
ENG 106 Composition II
HIS 110 Western Civilization: Ancient to Early Modern
HIS 111 Western Civilization:  Early Modern to Present
MUS 100 Music Appreciation
PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology
SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology
To see course descriptions, please view the current SWCC college catalog.
How to Sign Up!

For more information contact Rachel Ramaeker, coordinator of secondary programs.