Student Ambassadors

Above:  2014-15 Southwestern Community College Student Ambassadors

Each year Southwestern Community College hires its finest students to act as a team of ambassadors for the college.  These enthusiastic individuals assist the admissions department by giving campus tours, meeting with future students and their parents, performing telemarketing services, accompanying recruiters to college fairs and high school visits, and participating in other public relations efforts.

The student ambassadors are a group of energetic individuals with excellent leadership and communication skills. Ambassadors must be willing to work as part of a team and be excited about what SWCC has to offer students and the community.

How will being a Student Ambassador benefit you? The student ambassador program will allow you to grow as an individual, gain leadership skills, develop greater self-confidence, improve communication skills, and become involved in campus activities. You will come in contact with a great number of people both on-campus and off-campus. This will be an excellent activity to include on your resume.

Student Ambassador Application

Questions? E-mail the Caitlyn Lesan, admissions coordinator.