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I’d be lying if I said I don’t think about that last game daily and how close we were to moving on, but it does make it a little easier knowing we return everyone but one starter from this year’s team. I couldn’t be more pleased with the effort that all 15 of my kids have given all year long. Our season is one of the longest seasons in college sports and to have their full attention and commitment since September is what has made this year so special.  As a coach, your sport is very important to you, and to know and see in your kids that it is just as important to them, makes it that much more gratifying.   We talk about the importance of family and we are a family, and I wouldn’t trade one member of this family for anyone.

We have an outstanding group of athletes in our program, but with this team it was so much more than just athleticism. Just like in a dictionary- attitude, desire, effort, and heart always comes before success, and those ingredients got us to where we are. I have never been more proud of any group than I am of this one. This has been a strange year to say the least. Many obstacles have been thrown their direction and each one of them has accepted a challenge in one way or another without hesitation or complaint.

This year we were fortunate enough to have seven athletes selected to an All-Region Team.

kipfer leah

Leah Kipfer was selected First Team All-Region as an infielder and had a break out year. She broke the record for doubles with 20, RBIs with 69, and shattered the hits record by 25 with 85 hits. She has had an amazing year. She was one of our three pitchers and then was asked to move from third base to first base and did a fantastic job there. Leah is the type of kid that doesn’t show a whole lot of emotion, but leads by example. That is one reason we have selected her as one our captains next year.

Brandt AshleyAshley Brandt was also selected to First Team All-Region as an outfielder. Ashley played center field and is probably one of the fastest kids I have ever coached. She is aggressive on the bases and is just a smart all-around player. There weren’t many games where she didn’t have dirt all over by the end of the game. She came in as a right-hand hitter and because of her speed we switched her to become a slapper. As any player in the game of softball or baseball knows, being switched around to the opposite side this late in a career is always a challenge, but she picked it up quickly and has done an amazing job for us this year!

wagner courtneyCourtney Wagner was selected Second Team All-Region as a pitcher. Coming into this year, I knew Courtney was going to be one of the premier pitchers in our league. She came from a standout program that has a history of producing quality college athletes. During the six years I have been here at SWCC, she is by far the most knowledgeable pitcher we have had. In our league, she was in the top five pitchers for ERA with 2.70 and top three pitchers in our league for strike outs per game with 8.47. I think with a year of college ball under her belt she will come back next year even stronger.

barger dannyielleDanyielle Barger was selected Honorable Mention All-Region as an infielder. Danyielle is probably one of the better third basemen in our region and in my opinion deserved a little more recognition.   She is not a flashy player but she gets things done and done the right way! She is the type of player that is cool as a cucumber in tight games and the player you want an offensive opponent to hit the ball to because she will do everything in her power to stop the ball. She is a team player and will do anything you ask of her to make the team better. She is a player who was born to lead and that is why we have selected Danyielle to be a captain next year.

miller londenLonden Miller was selected Honorable Mention All-Region as an infielder. Londen was one of two sophomores to return to this year’s team and I couldn’t have been any more happy that she came back. Last year she battled injuries throughout the year and never reached the level of play she did this year. Londen has grown so much during the past year athletically, and has caught the eye of many four-year coaches with her hustle on the field. She was one of our captains this year and set a great example for our freshmen. Her leadership and play will be greatly missed next year!

smith carlaCarla Smith was selected Honorable Mention All-Region as a catcher. I have been watching Carla play for the last three years and knew she was going to be a huge asset to our program. She is probably the most versatile athlete that I have ever coached. She was our number one catcher but could have easily been several teams’ number one second baseman. She is willing to do anything you ask of her and everything she does is hard! The word short-cut is not in her vocabulary. Her work ethic is second to none and has set a great example for her teammates.

tolle dominiqueDominique Tolle was selected Honorable Mention All-Region as an outfielder. Dominique is our only true lefty on the team and has probably one of the nicest/smoothest swings I have seen in a while. She struggled early in the season but got hot when it counted. She is the type of player that can pick herself up and move forward and not look back on mistakes. Dom is a smart player that will be a leader for our outfield next year. I look for some amazing things out of Dom next year both offensively and defensively.

-Lindsay Stumpff, Head Softball Coach

Softball End of the Year Wrap up

  Games: B.A.: Runs: Hits: 2B 3B HR RBI
Leah Kipfer 62 .432 54 86 20 2 10 69
Ashley Brandt 50 .423 32 62 0 0 0 19
Danyielle Barger 56 .354 40 66 12 0 2 50
Londen Miller 56 .367 40 65 11 0 0 28
Carla Smith 52 .329 29 51 4 0 0 27
Dominique Tolle 59 .331 37 58 11 6 4 38
Pitching Stats:
Games: Games: Wins Loss No Dec Innings SO/GM BB/GM Hits Runs ER ERA BB SO OP BA
Courtney Wagner 30 23 6 1 197 8.47 3.53 190 106 74 2.70 70 172 .257
1st Team All Region Selection:

Leah Kipfer - Infield

Ashley Brandt - Outfield

2nd Team All – Region Selection:

Courtney Wagner - Pitcher

Honorable Mention All – Region Selection:

Danyielle Barger - Infield

Londen Miller - Infield

Carla Smith - Catcher

Dominique Tolle - Outfield

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