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The Southwestern Community College (SWCC) sports shooting team took home all team awards and all but one individual honor during the Southwestern Chili Bowl Invitational on Sat., February 22, 2014, at the High Lakes Outdoor Alliance in Afton.  College teams participating in the shoot included Iowa State University, Simpson College, and Southwestern Community College.

In singles trap, Ethan Jolliff, SWCC freshman from Indianola, took first hitting 95 of 100 targets.  Leroy Hearn, Iowa State University, placed second at 90 of 100 and Heath Evans, SWCC freshman from Diagonal, took third at 87 of 100.  In doubles trap, Jolliff placed first hitting 86 of 100 targets.  Evans and Trenton Cheers, SWCC freshman from Indianola, tied for second at 84 of 100.  Cheers won a shoot off to receive second place honors.

With their combined scores, Jolliff finished in first place at 181 of 200; Evans finished in second place with 171 of 200; and Cheers followed in third with 169 of 200.

In team singles competition, the SWCC Blue Squad, consisting of Jolliff; Evans; Cheers; Ben Fox, SWCC freshman from Newton; and Cami Feehan, SWCC freshman from Albia, finished first with 427; the SWCC Red Squad, consisting of Jordan Brand, SWCC freshman from Indianola; Matt Mitchell, SWCC freshman from Indianola; Levi Moffitt, SWCC freshman from Thayer; Colton Offield, SWCC freshman from New Virginia; and Billy Ellis, SWCC sophomore from Weldon, placed second at 379; the SWCC White Squad, made up of Justin Brant, SWCC freshman from Glidden; Tyler Ford, SWCC freshman from Bridgewater; Katie Fuller, SWCC freshman from Osceola; Chase McDonald, SWCC sophomore from Chariton; and Chisum Downing, SWCC freshman from Creston, finished third at 352; and the Simpson Squad finished fourth at 266.

For team doubles competition, the SWCC Blue Squad finished first at 399; SWCC Red placed second at 359; and SWCC White Squad finished third at 286; and Simpson finished fourth at 258.
With the scores combined, SWCC Blue ended the day on top at 826, SWCC Red came in second at 738, SWCC White placed third at 638, and Simpson finished fourth at 524.

During the event, teams shot a total of 200 targets—trap 100 and double trap 100.  Trophies were awarded for the top three individuals in trap, double trap, and combined score.  Team awards were presented to the top three squads in trap, double trap, and combined score.
This is the first year for the Spartans sporting team.  The SWCC sports shooting team travels to shooting events, competing against teams from across the Midwest.  The team is open to men and women.  The college’s sports shooting team holds practices at the High Lakes Outdoor Alliance in Afton.


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