Charlie Mundy

Charlie Mundy of Osceola is the coach for the SWCC sports shooting team. He has a great love for the outdoors, including fishing, hunting, and shooting. He learned to shoot a bow and cast a line at a very young age and has shared his appreciation for the outdoors with his children and grandchildren, and now Southwestern’s sports shooting team.

Mundy is an National Rifle Association of America (NRA) Certified Shotgun Coach, an National Rifle Association of America (NRA) Certified Range Safety Officer (RSO), and an Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Certified Shotgun Coach.

"I feel the outdoors is a place for youth to be mentored," Mundy explained. "I know my children would have had a more difficult time during their youth if it were not for the outdoors."

Mundy knows the competition side of this sport can be very intense, but says it has been his experience that even the person who just beat your score may share some advice. He loves this aspect of the sport.

"This is what gets me excited about a new shooting sports team at SWCC," Mundy stated. "I think it is a great way for students to pursue their educational goals while still enjoying something they have probably shared with their family since a young age."

Mundy, who also teaches SWCC’s high school carpentry program at Osceola, looks forward to making the college’s team one that gains respect among other shooting teams.

"The great part of SWCC having a shooting team is that we get to compete with big colleges like Iowa State, UNI, and Iowa to name a few. It’s a great opportunity for SWCC to gain recognition and let people know we are out there. The instructors and staff at SWCC are as good or better than you will find anywhere and this team will help spread that word."