• Women's Basketball
  • Women's Basketball

The Spartan women traveled last night, Thursday, November 8, to Lamoni for their season opener against the Graceland JV basketball team. After a slow start, the Spartans found themselves on the wrong end of a 13 point deficit.

Head Coach Addae Houston said, ”I think we were a bit timid or nervous considering it was first game of the season and first college game for most of them. Once we settled in and hit some shots, got a few defensive stops we were back in the game.”

By the half the Spartans were able to shave a few points off the Yellowjacket’s lead.

“Our offense picked up in the second half and we executed better but defensively we dropped off giving up 40 second half points mostly from behind the arc as Graceland hit six three pointers. I am not happy with the loss, but I am proud of the way the team competed and consistently worked to execute what we wanted both offensively and defensively.”

The Spartans lost to the Graceland JV 44-65. The Spartans will play next on the road on Saturday, November 9, when they take on North Central Missouri College.

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