A great way to learn more about SWCC is by making a campus visit.  Admissions representatives are available year-round for campus visits and tours of campus.  Call or now to schedule your trip to SWCC:  800.247.4023 or 641.782.7081, ext. 421.

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Caitlyn Lesan


Meghan Kalvig
Bill Huntington
Career and Technical Education Recruiter
Deb Peterson


Caitlyn Lesan -

caitlyn MG 4935

Hometown: Creston, Iowa

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Business Management with a leadership track and Business Marketing from the University of Iowa! GO HAWKS!

Hobbies/Interests: Traveling, working out, cooking, concerts, road trips, all kinds of music, motorcycle rides, and anything outdoors!

Favorite thing about SWCC: Everything about SWCC is great! The faculty & staff strive to make Southwestern a better place every year. Everyone on our staff sincerely cares about the success of each of our students!

Most often asked question:  Since Southwestern is a junior college, will my experience be similar to what I had in high school?

Your answer to that question: Not at all! As a Creston grad and a former Spartan, I thought the same thing when I started school at Southwestern. Be sure to get involved in as many student organizations as you can and you will be sure to meet tons of awesome people!

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Meghan Kalvig -

meghan_mg_8122.jpgHometown:  Storm Lake

Education:  Bachelor of arts degree in English literature/creative writing from the University of Northern Iowa.  *Go Panthers!*

Hobbies/Interests:  Working out, shopping, cooking, concerts, music of all kinds, and road-trips.

Favorite thing about SWCC:  I love the sense of family that is provided here, both for our students and our staff.  We really do have a SWCC family.

Most often asked question:  How big is SWCC? 

Your answer to that question:  Big enough that you can make all kinds of new friends, but small enough that you can–-and likely will-–know everyone by name.

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Bill Huntington -

bill MG 9202Hometown: Lenox, Iowa

Education: BA History, Iowa State University

Hobbies/Interests: Sports, Fishing, and Reading

Favorite thing about SWCC: That the instructors and the staff at Southwestern really want each and every student to be successful and they are willing to go the extra mile to help them.

Most often asked question: Are the new dorms as nice as everyone says they are?

Your answer to that question: Yes, they are incredible!

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