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April 21, 2014--The Osceola Center is collecting gently used clothing and other usable items all week to be donated to Cross Ministries.  Great job, Osceola Center students and employees!

Happy PIF week!  Today Kelly Franklin's composition students are writing “love” letters to people on campus – so don’t be surprised if you receive a nice note from a student thanking you for being YOU. : )

April 22, 2014--SWCC PIF Student Senate Blood Drive - The Blood Drive finished 12 units above the goal!  The 55 units of blood raised will help as many as 165 patients!

"The Crew" assists with yard work - The Crew, SWCC's electrical technology club, gathered about 25 large garbage bags of yard waste at three Creston residents' homes.  Way to make the green show for spring!

How did you Pay It Forward?: I donated blood.
Why did you choose to Pay It Forward? I know from personal experience how important donating blood is. When I was 2 I had to have an emergency craniotomy which required that I receive blood so now when I have an opportunity to donate I rarely miss it.
How did this PIF activity make you feel? I love helping people and what better way to help another person than to do something to help save their life. Each person's donation can help save up to 3 lives and that's definitely worth the discomfort you might feel in the process.

April 23, 2014--The social psychology class will be doing a class activity on a Web site that will donate rice for each correct answer they give.

Meals From the Heartland - THANK YOU to everyone who came out today to support Meals From the Heartland!  This event truly was a community-wide effort that allowed for a five-hour event held at SWCC to result in packaging 60,264 meals!  We surpassed our packaging goal in addition to surpassing our fundraising goal.  With a few last moment donations the final total added up to $12,601.15.

April 24, 2014--A group of students and employees headed to McKinley Park for the McKinley Lake clean-up.  The group cleaned the area around the dam today.  Another group will be cleaning around the rest of the lake on Saturday if you would like to assist.

April 25, 2014--

How did you Pay It Forward?: Cleaned up the Red Oak Center grounds by picking up trash, pruning roses and dead plants.
Why did you choose to Pay It Forward? Fun to help
How did this PIF activity make you feel? Happy

How did you Pay It Forward?: Bought special education student popcorn and gave him friendship at a high school track meet.
How did this PIF activity make you feel? Good

How did you Pay It Forward?:  Spruced up the flower beds and picked up trash at the Red Oak Center.
Why did you choose to Pay It Forward? Wanted to participate
How did this PIF activity make you feel? Glad to be helpful

How did you Pay It Forward?: Helped clean up flower beds