The Early Childhood Education and Parents as Teachers resource library is available to early care and education providers in Clarke, Decatur, Lucas, Ringgold, and Union counties who purchase a membership.

The library will provide access to equipment and materials designed to support curriculum and staff development.

Types of Resources Available

Just a reminder of the services we offer at the library...

  • Everyone's favorite - lamination! Laminate your materials so that you won't have to re-create them!
  • *Die Cuts: We have added some new patterns. These are great labels or can be used to create games and activities. Laminate your paper first to make less work for you.
  • Book Binding: Do you have a favorite book that is falling apart? We can fix it! Bind student and teacher created books as well.
  • Resources to check out: Looking for some new ideas? We have shelves of resource books available for check out.
  • Computer and Laser Printer: There are some fabulous Web sites where you can print games and learning activities for your classroom or home daycare. Try Look for "free printables."
  • We also have Boardmaker and other software available for use and checkout.
  • The early childhood professionals who visit the library are also great resources for ideas!

Please remember to bring your own paper for printing and die-cutting.

Help us keep the email list current: Do we need to update your email address? Do you have a colleague who would like to receive updates about the library?

I have been working on organizing our shelves.  Recently, I have sorted all our journals.  If you need to utilize them for CDA or college courses, they are ready for you! 
Want to make something durable the kids can use over and over?  Our new laminating film is marker and crayon friendly and dry erase markers and crayons wipe off with little effort.  It's great for name writing practice, tracing letters/numbers/shapes, pre-writing cards for the writing table, and so forth.
Spring die cuts:
Jumbo (8x10):  egg, flower
Others:  barn, butterfly, cow, cloud, fish, frog, lamb, pig, raindrops, sun, tulip, tractor

I'm still compiling a wish list of die cuts, so let me know what you would like to see.

TriUMPH Resource Library Hours:

Most Wednesdays ~ 4:30-8:30 pm
One Saturday a month

Once a month or by appointment

Deb and Stacey are also available by appointment.  Give them a call:

Stacey Feehan
Early Childhood Education and Parents as Teachers Osceola Resource Librarian
Cell - 641.414.6042
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deb Brandt
Early Childhood Education and Parents as Teachers Creston Resource Librarian
Cell - 641.344.8272
TriUMPH PAT Office: 641.782.2888
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FYI:  If SWCC closes due to weather, the Resource Library will also be closed due to weather.  Let us know if there is something we can do to help you access the resource libraries!

Appointments may also be made with the ECEPAT Librarians, Stacey Feehan or Deb Brandt.  Please contact them using the information above.

Stacey and Deb are happy to laminate for you!

  • Print and fill out the lamination request form
  • Send laminating items to the resource library via Hope or Peggy
  • Home providers may leave things at their local childcare center or Kristie's office (Creston) for transport to Stacey
  • Drop items at the library in Osceola

Sorry, but we can't guarantee a return date!!!

Becoming A Member: 

Resource Library Membership Form (PDF)