Mike Garner, Owner

Mike Garner is extremely thankful for the history he shares with Southwestern Community College. It was late-2009, when Garner went from his position as shop foreman at Bowman Machine to owner of the business.  Charlie Bowman started Bowman Machine in 1988 and Garner had worked as his shop foreman since 2003. On January 1, 2010, when Garner stepped into an ownership role and began operations as Garner Technology Services, he relied on assistance from Dave McLaren at the Small Business Development Center at SWCC. 

"I helped put together the business plan and financial package for the purchase," said McLaren.  According to McLaren, Garner contracted with the SWCC Business Resource Center for assistance in setting up his in-house accounting systems using QuickBooks to include inventory management, bidding, invoicing, and monitoring financial performance relative to annual budgets.  Brandi Shay, SWCC business instructor, made visits to assist Garner in setting up the financial system for his business.  McLaren said from day one, Garner has managed his business with no support staff--completing the bookwork, invoicing, payroll, and so forth on weekends and evenings. 

Garner said his first year was a tremendous success with revenues significantly above projections.  "I could not have done any of this without Brandi's help," Garner stated.  "She was tremendous."  Garner said Brandi came to the shop and spent hours helping him get QuickBooks setup and showing him how to do invoicing, payroll, expense reports, etc.  "With her help, I was able to complete tasks with a press of the button," Garner explained.  "Prior to her assistance, these tasks took hours to complete."

Garner will always be thankful for the assistance he has been provided.  "I owe a lot of my success to assistance I have received," Garner commented.  "Dave at the Small Business Development Center helped in securing the financing for purchase of my business and Brandi, through the SWCC Business Resource Center, set up an accounting system that works for me!"