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Video description: An aerial view of the instructional center, the main entrance to the instructional center, students walking in the hallways, students eating at the cafeteria, a closeup of a student in class wearing a Spartan hat, three students in the kitchen of one of the residence halls apartments, student working at their desk writing in a notebook and working on a laptop, students sitting at a table in the library working on laptops, an aerial view of the softball and baseball fields, softball player hitting the ball and running to first base, cross country runners warming up before a meet, students working out in the weight room, a student shooting a free throw in an empty gymnasium, basketball team members running a drill during practice, students in the automotive lab cleaning off and inspecting car parts, an aerial view of the, two students in a cornfield breaking open an ear of corn, ag students with an instructor standing in front of farm equipment looking at an iPad, an electrical student wiring an outlet, Criminal Justice students sitting in class listening to a police officer, students working together at tables with an instructor walking by inspecting their work, two students standing in the hallway with backpacks looking at a phone screen, two students walking through the hallway of the instructional center talking between classes, Computer Networking and Information Technology students looking on while the instructor explains what he is doing on the computer screen, Professional Music students singing together in choir practice, a student singer and accompanist practicing at the piano, two students singing with handheld microphones, and an aerial view of campus showing the Allied Health & Science Center.

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