StrategicPlanBooklet 2016 20COVERSouthwestern Community College underwent a rigorous strategic planning process during fiscal year 2015.  The process began in August 2014 with review of the college’s Purpose Statement by the Board of Trustees.  Using the Purpose Statement as the foundation for their work, a dedicated team of individuals came together to review the accomplishments of recent years, consider current trends and issues and their implications for the future work of the institution, gather input from internal and external constituents, and develop a strategic plan to guide the work of the college over the next five years.

During the strategic planning process, a clear focus on student learning and success emerged and five major initiatives were identified.

Purpose Statement

Southwestern Community College exists in order that community members have opportunities to gain skills and knowledge sufficient for successful employment, higher education achievement, and lifelong learning.


I.    Strengthen and expand opportunities for students to learn and succeed.
II.    Increase student enrollment and retention.
III.    Maximize resources to support program and student needs.
IV.    Provide an innovative environment that supports learning.
V.    Strengthen and expand regional relationships to provide effective workforce preparation.

Strategic Plan FY 2016-2020

Strategic Plan Accomplishment Reporting Form

FY 2011-2015 Strategic Plan Accomplishments Report

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