Join in the fun this holiday season as the Employee Activities and Event Planning committee invite you to participate in . . .SWCC’s Secret Santa

What do I do to get involved?

  1. Stop by or call Jolene Griffith, ext. 456, by Tuesday, December 2nd to sign up.
  2. Names will be “drawn” by a third party and will be distributed to participants by Wednesday, December 3rd.
  3. You will purchase and secretively deliver 3 gifts (not to exceed $5 per gift item) to the co-worker whose name you drew. (One by Dec. 5th, the 2nd by Dec. 12th, and the 3rd by Dec. 18th)
  4. You may give clues with your gifts to see if your co-worker can guess who you are.
  5. With the third (and final) gift, reveal your name to the person you’ve been shopping for!
  6. Suggestions: the Bookstore has MANY assorted items $5 and under and can even assemble candy packages or similar items to make your shopping easier “and convenient!” (Just make sure to call in advance.)
  7. At the end of SWCC’s Secret Santa activity on December 18th . . . we may all join in on the annual “Goody Day” in the board room of the Administration Center. (You are still welcome to participate in “Goody Day” even if you choose not to participate in the secret gift exchange.)