SWCC Night at Adams County Speedway on August 22, 2009 


Adams County Speedway

Adams County Speedway

SWCC table

Adams County Speedway

Raffle Winner

SWCC Heads to Adams County Speedway in June

JUNE 9, 2009--Southwestern Community College got some great exposure at the Adams County Speedway on June 6, 2009.  With a theme of "Get on Track at SWCC," representatives of the college were on-hand to meet spectators, hand out program information, sponsor a Mario Kart contest on the Wii, and give out T-shirts and other promotional items.  A second event is planned at the speedway on August 22, 2009.

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Playing the Wii on the HHRPart of the SWCC volunteers

Playing the Wii in the HHR 



Setting up the Tshirt cannonLaunching SWCC TshirtsMatt Thompson and Terri Higgins on the radio