The applicant must complete the application process through the SWCC admissions office and submit an ACT composite score of 20 or higher OR achieve adequate ACCUPLACER Next-Gen test scores in order to be considered for the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program. A graduated review process will be used by the admissions department to score ADN applications. Applicants will be selected using the objective criteria listed below. All applicants must be in good academic standing. Applicants with a cumulative college Licensed Practical Nursing GPA below 2.0 will not be considered for admission, until after August 10. Upon initial review, applicants will be ranked using the following criteria and will earn points accordingly.

Upon initial review, applicants will be ranked using the following three criteria and will earn points accordingly. A required point total (for entry into the program) is set each year, as determined by the SWCC nursing department. To inquire about the total points required for the current nursing review, please contact the SWCC admissions department.

  1. To be considered, applicants must submit adequate ACT or ACCUPLACER test scores.*  Evidence of advanced proficiency will be awarded:
    1. ACT Scores – minimum composite score of 20 is required
      Composite Score Achieved Points Awarded (12 points maximum)
      Composite score of 27 or above 12 points
      Composite score of 25-26 9 points
      Composite score of 23-24 6 points
      Composite score of 21-22 3 points
      Composite score of 20 0 points


    2. ACCUPLACER Next-Gen Test Scores – minimum scores of 250 in writing, 250 in reading, and 255 in arithmetic or 225 in Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, & Statistics (QAS) or 220 in Advanced Algebra & Functions (AAF) are required to be considered for the nursing program review.

      ACCUPLACER NEXT-GEN TEST KEY – Points Available

       Scores Achieved

      Points Awarded
      291-300 286-300 297-300 261-300 261-300 4 points
      286-290 276-285 292-296 250-260 220-260 3 points
      281-285 266-275 284-291 241-249   2 points
      276-280 256-265 277-283 231-240   1 point
      250-275 250-255 250-276 225-230   0 points

    3. An alternative option to the ACCUPLACER math requirement is to substitute a three credit or higher level math course with a grade of B or above. The course must have been taken within the last three years. Acceptable Southwestern math courses include the following:

      Total ACCUPLACER Points (12 points maximum)

      All test scores are valid for three years and must be valid at the start of the academic year. Costs are associated with testing, please come prepared with a credit or debit card. Students entering with an ACT score can take the ACCUPLACER to improve their ADN rank. Each component may be taken only three times in an academic year.

  2. ATI Scores – minimum 70% is required to be considered for the nursing program review.
    Score AchievedPoints Awarded
    78% and above 4 points
    76-77% 3 points
    74-75% 2 points
    72-73% 1 point
    70-71% 0 points

  3. Required courses must be completed with a "C" grade or higher prior to entry into the program.
    GradeRequired CoursesPoints Available


    BIO 168 Human Anatomy and Physiology I (w/lab) and

    1 point
    1 point
  4. Current SWCC LPN students or SWCC LPN Alumni
    DegreePoints Available
    2 points
    1 point
    0 points
  5. Highest college degree awarded:
    DegreePoints Available
    2 points
    1 point
    0 points

Total Points

Course requirements not met.
Course requirements met.

The date of formal application to the program will be the date when the applicant’s application is received. The application date will be factored in if two or more applicants tie for the same rank. Completed applications are reviewed in the spring and must be completed by August 10 in order to be considered for the annual review.