2019 Camp Attendees and Staff

The first SMV Vocal Jazz Camp took place in 2004, and was originally based on Phil Mattson's model which had been successful for more than 25 years. The camp has become one of the largest vocal jazz camps in the nation, this past year including 16 faculty members, and hosting more than 75 camp participants of all ages (ages 13 to 80) and all experience levels. The camp offers the opportunity for undergraduate credit through Southwestern, and offers for educators the chance for graduate credit and professional development through Drake University or Morningside College.

The camp is organized each year by SWCC faculty members. All music majors from the School for Music Vocations at Southwestern are invited to participate, and a select number of SMV music majors are asked each year to help staff the camp. For more information – including next summer's dates and locations – or to register for the camp, please visit the www.VocalJazzCamp.com website.