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Successful students log into class at least three hours a week for a 3 credit hour course in the 16-week term. The average is about five hours a week for a similar course in the 8-week format. For the 4-week term, plan on at least 10 hours a week for a 3 credit hour course.

When you log into class, click the Syllabus tab on the left hand side of the screen. Instructor contact information should be clearly listed there. You can also message your instructor through the messaging app in the Canvas system.

We will e-mail you your credentials at whatever e-mail address you applied with. If you didn’t get the communication, just e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Most instructors use the Canvas calendar feature which means you can click on Calendar on the left hand side of the screen to see all due dates for all classes. You can also see due dates when you click on Syllabus and scroll to the bottom of the screen.

We have purchased 15 hours of online tutoring support for you. Click on Brainfuse Online Tutoring inside any course to get started. Southwestern’s tutoring office can also assist you at a distance by setting up a Skype or Zoom session with a campus tutor: https://www.swcciowa.edu/campus-services/tutoring-academic-support.

We have purchased a tool from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that is excellent. Go to http://iccoc.edready.org, create your own login and password, and click Get Started. Take the ICCOC math test; it should take less than an hour. The system will then create a custom plan for you to increase your math skills complete with videos, examples, and lots of practice. It is free to you and you can go at your own pace.

Yes. You’ll need to fill out a FAFSA here: https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa. Southwestern's School Code for the FAFSA application is 001857. SWCC will need official copies of all college transcripts you have attended. You’ll want to work closely with SWCC’s financial aid office: https://www.swcciowa.edu/campus-services/financial-aid/contact-information

Most instructors will have clear directions right on the course Home tab. Be sure to click the Syllabus tab and review thoroughly. You can always click the Modules tab to get started as well.