SWCC@Night StudentAs a SWCC@Night student, most of your classes will be hybrid courses.  Hybrid courses combine face-to-face and online learning so you will have convenience in your coursework, as well as the ability to get assistance with learning when necessary.

With hybrid courses, two-thirds of each course is conducted face-to-face and one-third of each course is completed online.  Don’t let the concept scare you though!  Student services are available and an introductory session is held for new students prior to each semester.  These services will aid you in adjusting to the concept of online learning.

Plus, hybrid courses will offer you the advantage of learning face-to-face from SWCC instructors, without spending as much time in the classroom.

To find out more about online learning at SWCC, visit the college’s website at www.swcciowa.edu/online.