Students in BVU's Graduate & Professional Studies Creston program appreciate the pace, academic rigor, class size, and the online or local community college campus class options their BVU experience gives them.

It’s possible for undergraduate students with 60 or more credit hours or an associate degree to earn a bachelor’s degree with BVU in as little as two years. For students seeking a bachelor’s degree, the advisors at the Creston location facilitate a smooth transfer of credits from SWCC to BVU.

BVU’s diverse menu of programs offers options that meet your education needs, and you can combine online classes, face-to-face courses, and Web-based classes to make scheduling even more convenient.

BVU's Creston office is located in the Instructional Center on the campus of Southwestern Community College.  Advisors are here to help you structure a program that will fit your lifestyle and financial situation, and meet your personal goals.

BVU Creston Phone: 712.749.1900
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

BVU Graduate & Professional Studies
1501 W. Townline, Room 726
Creston, Iowa 50801