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Make the most of your college experience. Whether you plan to go to SWCC and transfer to a four-year university or graduate and begin work in your chosen career, SWCC is the place for you!

SWCC is an amazing place to begin your journey no matter what field you’re interested in. When I came to SWCC, I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do but because of the staff and the work I’ve been provided with, I know exactly what I want to do! At Southwestern, you’re a name, not a number.”



I love the facilities and the sense of community everyone creates on campus.


The small class sizes are perfect for me to stay focused and interact with instructors.


The close-knit community formed here at SWCC made it a perfect fit for my next chapter.


I enjoy the one-on-one time with highly reputable and respected instructors.


The campus community and faculty support made it feel like I never left home!


The small campus environment and people are so nice and welcoming!


I love the flexibility to work around family life, a job, and online classes.



The SWCC Education Foundation has a variety of scholarships to help make college more affordable. One application puts you in the running for 100+ scholarships based on academics, community involvement, program/major, and more.

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Whether you choose to live on-campus, off-campus, or commute from home, be active on campus and find your niche. Get involved!

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Student Housing

College is all about the experience! SWCC has options for you to consider as you make your decisions. Living on campus offers opportunities to be close to classes and the fun! Plus, it’s a great way to meet other SWCC students.

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Clubs & Activities

There are a number of athletics, intramurals, and events on campus, as well as clubs and organizations you can join. You’ll make new friends, potentially start learning more about your chosen career, and make memories that will last your lifetime.

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Student housing residents receive a free Southern Prairie Family Fitness Center membership. Off-campus students can purchase a student membership for only $30 per semester.

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