High School Students

High School Students

SWCC College Connection

Utilize SWCC's College Connection to put you ahead of the game academically.  Here are the top four reasons to take college courses while you're in high school.

1.  Save time - You'll be earning high school and college credit--at the same time.  This translates into an opportunity to earn a college degree quicker, carry a lighter load your first year at college, or readily pursue a double major at college.

2.  Money talks - Through partnerships with local high schools, college courses are generally free during the school year to eligible high school students.

3.  Better prepared - By taking a college course in high school, you'll be better prepared for the rigor of a full college load.

4.  Advanced standing - If you enter your college of choice with a few college courses under your belt, there is a good chance you'll be registering for college classes before your peers.

SWCC College Connection staff: