High School Students walking to class

High School Students

SWCC College Connection

Utilize SWCC's College Connection to put you ahead of the game academically.

Here are the top four reasons to take college courses while you're in high school:

  1. Save time & money
    Dual credit = Earning high school and college credit at the same time. This can accelerate your experience and lighten your load through college or provide time for a double major, study abroad, internship, and other learning experiences. Through partnerships with local high schools, college courses are generally free during the school year to eligible high school students.
  2. Gain time management skills & college readiness
    Students completing dual credit learn time management skills to succeed with a busy schedule while preparing for academic rigor expected at the next level.
  3. Jumpstart your degree or career readiness
    Southwestern’s secondary programs provides an advisor to assist dual credit students with intentional college planning or ideal transfer courses to support student goals whether or not you’ve chosen a specific college or degree plan.
  4. Discover your interests
    Explore our career academies and career pathways to better understand your interests. Dual credit classes provide ideal career exploration for students to discover or narrow down interests while obtaining industry-recognized credentials and instruction.

SWCC College Connection staff: