The information technology systems networking program is designed to provide the graduate with the skills necessary to install, configure, manage, and maintain a network operating system. The program is offered on Southwestern's Creston campus.

First-year courses in this Career Academy program include computer hardware basics, operating systems software basics, PC operating systems, and robotics. Second-year courses include implementing Windows network infrastructure and programming logics.

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Year 1 Fall Semester
NET 122 Computer Hardware Basics - 3 credits
NET 132 Operating Systems Software Basics - 3 credits
CIS 630 Introduction to Powershell - 1 credit

Year 1 Spring Semester
NET 212 CISCO Networking - 3 credits
CIS 650 PC Operating Systems - 3 credits
CSC 110 Introduction to Computers - 3 credits

Year 2 Fall Semester
CIS 121 Introduction to Programming Logic - 3 credits
BCA 152 Comprehensive Spreadsheets - 3 credits

Year 2 Spring Semester
CIS 604 Visual Basics - 3 credits
NET 333 Implementing Windows Network Infrastructure - 3 credits

Program instructor:  Lance Stonehocker

To explore SWCC's associate degree information technology systems networking program, please visit ITSN @ SWCC!