HS WeldingSWCC's welding Career Academy is designed for students to learn basic welding skills along with how to operate tools, identify different metals, and interpret blueprints. Successfully completing the four-course sequence yields a student 12 college credits and a basic welding certificate from Southwestern.

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Classes are held at the Central Decatur, Mount Ayr, and Red Oak district high schools. Welding is a one-year Career Academy.

Year 1 - Fall
IND 114 General Industry Safety - 1 credit
WEL 111 Welding Blueprint Reading - 3 credits        
WEL 114 Introduction to Fabrication - 3 credits   

Year 1 - Spring        
WEL 162 Introduction to Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) - 3 credits
WEL 225 Introduction to Gas Metal Arc Welding - 3 credits

Instructor: Luke Nelson

To explore SWCC's associate degree welding technology program, please visit Welding Technology @ SWCC!