HSgroup_000009645711MediumWho pays for the courses, textbooks, and other fees?

The school district pays for the cost of tuition for most courses taken during the school year.   Each school district has its own policy for textbooks costs, so please check with your school counselor for more information.

Which calendar do I follow, the high school's or SWCC's?
Generally, most classes are taught online, through video conferencing, or face-to-face at the Creston campus, Osceola Center, or Red Oak Center and all follow the SWCC college calendar.  Most courses taught only at the high school follow the high school’s calendar.

How are SWCC college credit course offerings determined?
Offerings are determined in a variety of ways.  High school personnel give input on the type of offerings they would like to see for students, SWCC faculty and administration present options to school districts, and business and industry partners identify their needs for a trained workforce.

Who do I call if I have a concern about my academic progress?
Students are highly encouraged to communicate with their instructors regularly about their concerns and needs.  Students enrolled in college courses while still in high school are considered college students by all college staff; therefore, SWCC is limited in the information it may share with a parent or guardian.  However, you may contact your high school school counselor or the college's secondary programs department for help in answering your questions.

What if I decide to drop a SWCC course?
You should contact your high school counselor and he/she will contact SWCC to verify the date that you drop.  Depending upon when the course is dropped, there are three possible consequences at SWCC:
1)    The course will be dropped from the student’s record with no grade penalty (within the first few days)
2)    The transcript will show a “W” for withdrawal.  There will be no grade penalty.
3)    The transcript will show a grade of F.

Your high school may also have policies that apply if you decide to drop a course.

How do I decide which class/es to take?
Southwestern Community College is a great to place start your college education.  Articulation agreements are in place with most state and area colleges and universities; however, plan ahead to know precisely how and which courses are meant for transfer.  Talk to your high school counselor or a SWCC admissions representative for more information.  Or, check out the Transfer in Iowa Website  if you are planning to attend any of Iowa’s community colleges or regent universities.

What help is available to students after they enroll at SWCC?
Once students begin classes through SWCC, they are considered a SWCC student and eligible for all services provided to all other students.  There are many benefits, including accommodations for students with special needs, student email, a student ID card, online tutoring, and access to computers Monday through Friday.

When and where do I pick up my textbook(s)?
For students enrolled in online courses or face-to-face courses at the SWCC Creston campus, Osceola Center, or Red Oak Center, textbooks are shipped from the SWCC Shoppe to your high school about one week before classes begin.  Please check with your school counselor to obtain your textbook.  If you are enrolled in a SWCC course that is taught at your high school, your textbook will be handed out the first day of classes.

What should do with my textbook once I complete the course?
It is your responsibility to return your textbook to your school counselor once you have completed the course.

If I decide to enroll at SWCC after high school graduation, do I need to do anything more since I’m taking this class?
Yes, you need to complete the full application for admission, participate in an orientation, and submit any required placement test scores.

What if I plan to attend another college after high school?  How do I get my transcript?
You may order your SWCC transcript online through the National Student Clearinghouse.  Please visit www.swcciowa.edu/transcripts.