SWCC works with high school partners to facilitate a seamless delivery system for articulation agreements. The articulation requirement for a career and technical education (CTE) program may be met by any one of the following options:

  • Use of a recognized statewide articulation agreement
  • Establishment of a district-to-postsecondary institution agreement
  • Use of a contracted postsecondary CTE course
  • Use of a complete, verified, program of study

Statewide & District-to-Postsecondary Articulation Agreements

Articulation provides all high school students opportunities to meet required competencies of SWCC post-secondary, entry level courses. A common core of competencies for each course is agreed upon by high schools and Southwestern or any other Iowa community college. 

A student validation form and course competencies checklist must be completed by the instructor and submitted to Southwestern's admissions office. Check with your counselor or contact Rachel Ramaeker, SWCC coordinator of secondary programs, to see if your school has an articulation agreement with Southwestern Community College.

Iowa Department of Education Articulation Agreement Guidelines
Statewide Postsecondary Articulation Documents for Family & Consumer Sciences

Who Can Apply? 

Any student who has attended an articulated program in an accredited school, which has signed an agreement with Southwestern Community College, may receive college credit for instruction received at the high school. In addition, the student must:

1. Receive a grade of “B” or better in the specified course(s) with an average score of “3” or better on agreed–upon competencies and/or critical objectives (If more than one high school course is necessary to articulate the competencies, then an average grade of “B” or better is required in those courses).

2. Obtain a signed Articulation Validation Form from the high school instructor indicating that he/she has mastered the agreed–upon competencies and/or critical objectives.

3. Students should apply for college credit at the time they make application for admission to the college and a student must enroll at SWCC within 12 months after high school graduation in order to be eligible for college credit under this agreement.

4.  After the applicant for college credit successfully completes at least 12 credits of course work at Southwestern Community College, he/she will be notified by the registrar that his/her request for college credit through SWCC's Articulation Project has been granted. At that time, such credit will also be duly recorded on the student’s postsecondary transcript by course title, credit hours, and grade of T. The grade(s) will not be computed in the student's cumulative GPA.

Secondary Instructors' Documentation of Competencies

Participating teachers at the secondary school will certify in writing the areas and levels of competency achievement by the student. This will become part of the student’s permanent record and will be forwarded to SWCC upon request by the student and/or SWCC. Course competencies can be found in the Articulation Handbook, obtained from your local high school principal or counselor. Copies of the competencies can be made as needed.

Career Academy Coursework & Programs of Study

A program of study lays out the core curriculum for a student's high school years, showing the linkages into specific career and technical areas on the postsecondary level. Career Academy courses lead directly to certificates, diplomas, and degrees at Southwestern.  The student may earn up to one year of college credit by the completion of his/her senior year. At that time, a student may choose to go to work or continue his/her college education at SWCC to earn a diploma or Associate of Applied Science degree. Upon earning the AAS degree, a student may then choose to transfer to a four-year college or university to earn a bachelor's degree by following articulation agreements in place between SWCC and transfer schools.

Visit with your guidance counselor or review your high school course catalog to determine programs available to you. Documentation of program of study may be located by contacting SWCC's office of secondary programs by calling 641.782.1307 or by visiting with your district’s CTE service areas.