Who selects the textbooks that the SWCC Shoppe (bookstore) sells?

Course materials sold are chosen by the instructors and are selected by what information best fits their teaching needs. Instructors choose texts that will best compliment, amplify, expand and enrich what they will present in their class.

Why should I purchase my textbooks?

Textbooks and course materials serve as tools of the trade to inform and guide students toward subject matter mastery and classroom success. Textbooks provide you with a 24-hour-a-day resource and give you access to the knowledge, insights, and experience of authors who are subject matter experts and outstanding teachers. Textbooks are thoughtfully written and carefully developed to distill large amounts of often-complex information in an organized format that is logical, readable and appealing.

Who determines textbook prices?

There are many factors that affect the price of a textbook. These factors include author royalties, publisher costs, marketing, publisher and author taxes, and store expenses. Each store determines the price of the books they are selling. Publishers charge a set price to all stores for any quantity of books. There are no discounts for volume, no discounts for particular stores. The SWCC Shoppe has determined that it will operate on a set margin for all textbooks at the industry standard. With this set margin of the retail price (retail price is the cost to the student) the store pays all the expenses of acquiring and selling the textbooks including rent, salaries, wages, benefits, equipment, furniture, systems, supplies, phones, etc., just like any other business.

Which are better, new or used textbooks?

This is a matter of preference. Most used textbooks are priced at approximately 75 percent of the new textbook price. These books are less expensive but may contain writing, highlighting or other marks that some students do not want in their books. New textbooks do not contain any markings and are preferred when you plan to keep a book for future reference.

What determines if my book will be bought back at the SWCC Shoppe?

The SWCC Shoppe will pay up to 50 percent of the book purchase price providing the textbook:

  1. Is being used for the upcoming semester
  2. Is needed to fill the SWCC Shoppe quota
  3. Is in reusable condition
  4. It is not a optional book or workbook that would run the possibility of having pages missing

Wholesale Textbooks

For books not needed on this campus, but having national demand, up to 35 percent of the new price may be paid to the student.


  1. Book prices are determined by the publishers not the SWCC Shoppe.
  2. Wholesale prices are based on national supply and demand
  3. Copies in poor condition will be deducted appropriately and possibly refused
  4. Old editions have no value and cannot be bought back by the SWCC Shoppe

Will I get cash back for my books when I sell them back?

No. Cash is not given for selling back textbooks at Southwestern. Students receive a refund check issued by the Business Office once the student's account is checked for those containing an outstanding balance.