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Early Childhood Education and Parents as Teachers

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VISION: Each child in Area XIV will achieve optimal social, emotional, cognitive & physical development during the crucial early years of life.

MISSION: Support, educate, empower and inspire families and EC&E professionals to foster success in young children.

Philosophy Statement:

  • We believe children thrive through nurturing & respectful relationships and safe & high-quality environments which emphasize: self-regulation; focus; critical thinking and problem-solving skills; independence; and self-directed, engaged learning.
  • We believe that professionals and families deserve the time, network opportunities, and resources to nourish their hearts and challenge their thinking.
  • We believe that our professional interactions with families and professionals should actively engage them in “reflective practices that bring theory to real life and real life to theory”.
  • We are committed to building and maintaining learning communities conducive to the lifelong learning of families and EC&E professionals.

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