GAP Tuition Assistance/PACE

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What is GAP Tuition Assistance?

Gap Tuition Assistance provides funding to eligible applicants enrolling in a GAP approved certificate program including information technology, health care, manufacturing, and transportation. GAP Tuition Assistance enables individuals to gain the necessary skills to obtain a job in an in-demand field. 

What is unique about GAP?

Non-credit certificate programs are not eligible for federal financial aid, this program bridges the funding gap for those students pursuing short-term certificates.

What is covered by GAP?

GAP Tuition Assistance covers direct training costs, including tuition, books, testing fees and equipment for GAP approved classes:

 Health Occupations

  • Advanced Emergency Medical Technician
  • Certified Nurse Aide
  • Certified Medication Aide
  • Emergency Medical Responder
  • Emergency Medical Technician

Information Technology

  • Basic Workplace Computing Certificate


  • MIG and TIG Welding
  • Industrial Welding Certificate


  • Class A Commercial Driver's License Training

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PACE:  Get on a Path to Success

Through the Pathways for Academic Career Employment (PACE) program, a pathway navigator assists students in identifying potential barriers to success and connecting students to appropriate resources to diminish obstacles and increase success throughout students' training.  PACE can provide assistance in the following areas:  career support, financial support, educational support, and personal support.

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Are you eligible?

The GAP Tuition Assistance Program is based on financial need. Eligible participants must provide proof of gross family income which cannot be over the 250 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. However, it is important to note that meeting the financial criteria alone DOES NOT guarantee funding. A variety of factors are considered when determining likelihood of completion including potential barriers to success, soft skills, and employability.

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Application Process

Applicants will be required to take an assessment test, financial literacy inventory form, provide documentation of income, and meet with the Pathway Navigator at SWCC.

GAP and PACE Assistance Program Information

  1. Apply online here. Our Pathway Navigator will reach out via email once the application has been received.
  2. Complete an assessment test.
  3. Complete interview with SWCC Pathway Navigator. Proof of gross family income will be needed at time of interview.

To schedule an assessment test and an interview, contact Ashley Downing, SWCC pathway navigator/program coordinator, at 641.782.1441.

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Success Stories


Shawn GAPpage

After I found myself unemployed, I realized I had no skills to help me acquire a job and get

me out of debt.  I was introduced to SWCC's pathway navigator, who sat with me to learn not only where I wanted to go, but also who I was and where I came from. Using her knowledge and resources, she informed me of GAP tuition assistance.  Being approved for assistance was the best news I had gotten in months!

I'm currently with a trucking company that allows me to be home every night and spend time with my kids and I'm making more than twice the pay I did with my last job!

If you're a veteran, I encourage you to seriously look into SWCC's programs. Meet with a navigator and find out where your options can lead you!

Shawn Docekal