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Campus Health/Mental Health

Health services

The clinic at Greater Regional Health, 1610 W. Townline Street, Suite 200, in Creston, 641.782.2131, has been designated the official agency to provide health services for Southwestern Community College students. The clinic will attend to the health needs of students who require professional medical attention.

Students are responsible for carrying their own medical insurance for injuries or illnesses sustained while a student at Southwestern.

Mental health services

Synergy eTherapy

SynergyTherapySynergy eTherapy is available for students in need of counseling services. Synergy eTherapy has three Iowa therapists available to assist students via phone or video sessions. Students interested in accessing these counseling services can click on the link below and complete the contact form to schedule an appointment.

Synergy eTherapy

TalkCampus Peer Support App

TalkCampus MagnetLogoTalkCampus is a network exclusively for students to share the ups and downs of life. TalkCampus is a community to talk to students from around the world any time of day or night. Anxiety, stress, relationship difficulties, or even self-harm. It's a safe place where students can talk anonymously about anything without judgments. Give and get support in real time, through posting, reading, and commenting. 

TalkCampus isn't a replacement for counseling or professional support; however, it is a great place to start talking and to make sure the student knows he or she is not alone. 

Sign-up for TalkCampus

Light Therapy Boxes

Light therapy boxes are available in the SWCC Shoppe, located in the Student Center, for checkout by SWCC students and employees.

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