Students, potential students, and others are offered opportunities for evaluative services in the Assessment Center.  Academic and career assessments are available on request, enabling examinees to clarify interests and abilities.  SWCC students may utilize many assessment services free of charge, others are offered at reasonable charges.  Services are provided to potential students, the business community, and others at moderate charges.

What's Available?

Career Assessments

Self-inventories can help you identify your personal interests and compare them to potential careers and majors. Southwestern offers the Kuder Journey career assessment. Kuder Journey gives students the tools they need to select a course of study, research careers, develop electronic portfolios, search for jobs, and more. The Kuder can assist in making an accurate choice of major or program of study.

Academic Assessments

Basic skills in writing, reading, and numerical reasoning, plus more advanced skills in algebra, are measured with the ACCUPLACER test.

The ACCUPLACER test is comprised of a series of three placement tests developed by the CollegeBoard. The tests, which cover the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics, are designed to help you identify your present strengths and needs so you can build a solid plan for success while you are a student at Southwestern. ACCUPLACER tests are computerized and untimed.

Contact Southwestern's Assessment Center, 641.782.1320, for your testing needs.