Registration Information for Veterans

The veterans coordinator assists veterans, spouses, and dependents in utilizing their educational benefits. SWCC's veterans coordinator, Georgia Paulsen, is responsible for processing completed paperwork and answering questions concerning applying for benefits. Veterans should report any changes of address to the veterans coordinator. Questions regarding eligibility need to be directed to the Veterans Administration at 888.GI.BILL or 888.442.4551.

Veterans who receive Title IV funding will receive a Shopping Sheet in their financial aid award packet.  The Shopping Sheet provides prospective students specific information regarding their eligible financial aid awards. The institutional metrics defined on the Shopping Sheet include: graduation rate, loan default rate, and median borrowing figures. Questions regarding the SWCC Shopping Sheet or to request a paper copy please contact Kylee Klommhaus, director of financial aid.

Southwestern's veterans coordinator will maintain all files for veterans enrolled at the college. To remain eligible for benefits, it is required that veterans and reservists at Southwestern keep their grade point average in satisfactory standing according to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements of the financial aid office.

  • Change in Schedule:  The college is required to notify the Veterans Administration if students adjust their schedules that change their enrollment status.
  • Classes Not Completed:  The Veterans Administration may require students to repay benefits received for classes dropped.
  • Classes Already Completed:  The Veterans Administration will not pay you to retake a course for which you have received a passing grade, nor will they pay for any advance credit you have received from prior education.
  • Delayed/Incomplete Grades:  Grades must be removed by the end of the next semester or they will be changed to grades of "F."
  • Degree-Seeking:  You must be pursuing a degree to receive benefits.

Although veterans will not generally receive any VA benefits for at least six weeks after the veterans coordinator sends the enrollment certification to the VA, you are still expected to pay your semester costs by the first day of class or make other arrangements with the business office. It is Southwestern's responsibility to notify the VA of your status; however, if you should change your original schedule, it is your responsibility to contact the veterans coordinator.

Visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs at or check updates to pay increases at the VA Office's Education Benefit Payment Rates Page.

Military Call-Up Policy

For actively enrolled students/reservists who are called up for active duty by the National Guard or United States Armed Forces, or for the spouse of a member if the member has a dependent child, students will be required to produce or mail call-up orders to the SWCC student services department.  Upon receipt of the call-up orders, a withdrawal form will be completed to execute a 100 percent refund of tuition and mandatory fees.  In the event a student has completed a sufficient and significant portion of the coursework (as determined by the course instructor), a grade may be assigned.  In this circumstance, the 100 percent refund and withdrawal will not be used.