Reading college textual materials is different from reading romance novels, newspapers, or magazines. Reading must be productive. You are in college now, so the task of reading to remember is critical. Read, read, and read; in order to know, remember and utilize in tests and your future career.

Step one may involve changing some style. Let’s see.

SQ3R is the abbreviation and the words are:

Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review.

SURVEY: Rather quickly establish what is the overall content of the chapter or textual material, and do this before reading it. Locate only major ideas. Look for Topic sentences, headings, and the summary or concluding paragraph. Remember: survey. Read only to locate the basic ideas of the chapter and author. This is a short task.

QUESTION: As you survey, you can create questions of your own, as well as read those of the author. Turn each header or topic sentence into a question. Look for the purpose of this section and information. Be ready to answer the questions.

READ: Read with care to find the information that answers the questions concisely. Streamline your answers so you eliminate trivial information. As you get the answers, smile!

RECITE: Between subsections or paragraphs, talk out loud about the material you just read. List the items, spell the unique words or names. Repeat the phrases. Use your own words as you understand meanings for newly learned words. Make some nice noise about what you are learning!

REVIEW: After you have completed a chapter, review the material. Re-read your notes to identify, again, the major idea of the chapter and the relationships of materials. Test your memory of each important concept one more time. Cover the notes and repeat the information out loud.

Finally, read dramatically, and with many “voices” and never in monotone!

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