Scholarships from Outside Sources

Outside Scholarship Opportunities*:

*These scholarship opportunities are updated as Southwestern is made aware of opportunities from outside organizations.  This list in NOT all inclusive.  Be sure to check on scholarships at your high school, in your hometown, etc. as well.  Paper applications for outside scholarships may be available in the SWCC student services department, Administration Center, as well.

Submitting Outside Scholarships to SWCC Business Office

Scholarship checks from outside sources should be made out to Southwestern Community College or Southwestern Community College and the student.    The checks may be mailed to the following address or delivered to the student accounts desk at the Creston campus or at the Osceola or Red Oak Center.  

        Southwestern Community College
        Attn:  Student Accounts
        1501 W. Townline St.
        Creston, IA  50801

Information needed from the outside scholarship organization.  The following information should be included on or with the scholarship check:

  1. Full name of the student who's account the check should be applied to.
  2. The donor’s name, address, and phone number.
  3. Notation as to which academic term or terms the check should be applied to.  If donor instructions are not provided, and the check is equal to or more than $500, the college will assume the check is for the academic year and it will be split between the fall and spring semesters. If the student requests the entire scholarship be applied to the fall semester, student accounts will contact the donor to make sure this is allowable.  If the check is less than $500, the entire check will be applied to the current or next term enrolled.
  4. Notation as to whether the scholarship can be applied to any educational expenses or only certain educational expenses, for example tuition and fees only.  If no notation is included, it will be assumed that the funds can be applied to any educational expense.
  5. Notation as to whether the scholarship must be applied after certain types of other financial aid have been applied, and if so, what types of financial aid must be applied before the scholarship.  If donor instructions are not included, the scholarship will be applied first.  All outside scholarships will be applied in the order received.
  6. Notation as to whether or not excess funds should be disbursed to the student or returned to the donor.  If no notation is included, the excess funds will be disbursed to the student.