Create an Academic Research Poster

 Here's an example of a poster the library made with the criteria for an academic poster.  You can click on the image of the poster to download it as a PDF file.


This poster was created with PowerPoint. It is a 36 x 48 inch poster.

You will need to change the slide size to match the poster size.  Here's a quick tutorial on how to make the PowerPoint slide size change.

All of your information will go on that one slide.  With the poster being so large it is easy to misjudge the size of the text and images. Use the display board tips to help guide you in creating your poster. Zoom in on the information you have added to make sure there are no misspellings.

Creating an Online Virtual Poster

Free resources you can use to create an online poster:

Ask your instructor what the requirements are for your class.  This may be a good resource for online classes.