Southwestern Community College (SWCC) criminal justice majors heard and learned from those working in the profession during the first two weeks of classes. 

Creston Police Chief Paul Ver Meer attended the introduction to criminal justice class last week. Ver Meer summarized his career in law enforcement for students, including stories from his time as an officer. He will be returning this week to talk to the criminal investigation students. 

Director Dana Wahlberg and 9-1-1 Technical Engineer Leslie Sticht, from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety emergency communications division, met with SWCC students via video conference in the overview of cybercrime class on Thursday, Sept. 5. They talked to students regarding 911 technology and the ability to text to 911. Here in Iowa, 97 of the 99 counties currently have that ability. The exceptions are Pottawattamie and Scott counties. Students in the cybercrime class review a number of topics, including how cellular networks operate and the legal issues that criminal justice professionals need to know.

SWCC Criminal Justice Instructor Dio Ayala incorporates guest speakers in class because he knows the importantance of students networking with practioners in the field. He said many other guests will be coming in to speak to students throughout the semester.

Starting with the 2019-20 academic year, SWCC now offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in criminal justice.

PICTURED ABOVE: Creston Police Chief Paul Ver Meer speaking to students in Southwestern's introduction to criminal justice class.