SWCC Webmail is undergoing changes that may affect your email login process!

The SWCC information technology department has begun the process of moving all SWCC email to Outlook 365. Currently, Webmail users being affected by this change are SWCC students. The next users to be moved over to the new system will be SWCC adjunct instructors (watch for updates when this process begins).

When users login to Webmail, the login page will now look like the graphic pictured at right. One big change with the new system is that users (again, this is currently just students) will need to login using their entire email address as their username. Their email passwords will remain the same. The login page will continue to be updated as the college moves through the transition.

The IT department has provided detailed instruction with live links to walk users through the new process as well: Information Technology page

If Webmail users need to troubleshoot with a member of the IT department team, they should contact them by phone at 641.782.1581 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..