The Adult Basic Education (ABE) program provides basic skills enhancement to enable adults to increase self-sufficiency, improve employability, and/or prepare for continued learning. The fastest growing jobs in the 21st century will require some level of postsecondary education and obtaining basic education skills will be vital to obtaining employment. ABE classes offer the opportunity to meet those demands.

Adult Basic Education Classes are taught as individual classes held in independent locations as well as integrated into HSED classes. Adult Basic Education provides reading, math, writing, social studies, science and English instruction for those who are functioning below a 9th grade level. Adult Basic Education has four functioning levels: ABE Beginning Literacy, Beginning Basic, Intermediate Low, and Intermediate High. Instructors work with students at the student’s level of ability to improve the student’s educational, employability, and soft skills.

abe Adult Basic Education classes can also include bridge classes that help students who already have a high school diploma to brush up on their math, reading, and writing skills in preparation for college-level study. Bridge classes can also include contextualized instruction in math and reading in preparation for a specific career pathway.