Photo of Rosanna Brammer

Custom Jewelry Business Growing on Family Farm in Osceola

Rosanna Brammer turned her artistic talent into a productive business on the family farm outside of Osceola.  Brammer started small, in 2004, selling Christmas tree ornaments made from costume jewelry.  She has expanded her merchandise line since that time and now operates Rose's Beads to Bangles, a manufacturer of custom jewelry, and has a retail shop at her farm, 1862 180th Avenue, Osceola (4½ miles west of Osceola on US Highway 34 and 1/8 mile north on 180th Avenue). 

It was April 2007 when Brammer learned of the South Central Iowa SBDC Smart Start class.  "I was making plans to grow my custom jewelry business by building an on-farm custom jewelry shop and reaching out to new customers," stated Brammer.  "The Smart Start class was excellent and more importantly, it was the beginning of my relationship with the South Central Iowa SBDC."  


Today, Brammer's shop features retail displays of her custom jewelry, designer purse knockoffs, designer knockoff jewelry, and other locally-made gift items.  Visitors are given opportunities to watch jewelry being made and view the portfolio of custom jewelry created by Brammer for weddings and special occasions.  Brammer offers individualized designs to customer specification. 

Brammer is thankful for the assistance and education SBDC provides.  "Dave McLaren with South Central Iowa SBDC has been my mentor and advisor," Brammer explained.  "He comes up with great ideas for marketing my custom jewelry." 

Beads to Bangles merchandise is available at various locations including Terrible's Casino, Hart's Bridal, Sally's Hallmark, and Southern Hills Winery in Osceola; as well as, the Little Boutique gift shop at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines.  Future plans include adding a men's line of jewelry and developing a relationship with independent bridal shops thorough out central and south central Iowa.

With financial assistance from Clarke County Foundation, the business continues to grow as planned.  "Rosanna has found and capitalized on a niche market," stated Elizabeth Simpson, Clarke County Foundation.  "We are excited about the future of Rose's Beads to Bangles." 

Rose's Beads to Bangles retail store is open Tuesday and Thursday from 1-6 pm, Saturday from 9 am-1 pm, and Wednesday by appointment.