In early-2011, it was just an idea—a fresh floral business “for the times of your life.”  Now, after a lot of research, planning, and hard work, Teresa Cheers and Jay Buckles have brought their idea to fruition operating Teresa’s Fine Floral, a thriving business on the southeast edge of Creston.

Why the business? “This is something I’ve always wanted to do!” Cheers exclaimed.

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Hayes Concrete

Dave McLaren and the South Central Iowa SBDC office have been there since the beginning of business for Jake and Debbie Hayes, owners of Hayes Concrete Construction in Afton.  According to Debbie, it was at the suggestion of their loan officer that they contacted McLaren in the first place.

When the Hayes’ connected with McLaren in 2008, development of a business plan was the first task at-hand.  Debbie said the creation of that plan enabled them to secure the financing necessary to start their business.  They appreciated receiving advice from McLaren on applying for tax ID numbers and alternative financing opportunities.  He helped them evaluate financial statements, gave them a list of resources to utilize when getting started, and even today continues to send them pertinent resources on a regular basis.

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Photo of Graphic Ideas Staff

Corning Business Perseveres

Perseverance pays off!  Veronica Damewood and Michelle Birt have learned this fact first-hand after facing adversity, followed by success, as small business owners. 

It was June 2008, just two months after Veronica, Michelle, and their spouses acquired Graphic Ideas and the Vanishing Point Car Wash, when flood waters poured through the streets of Corning and into their businesses.  

"Our neighbor at Corning Rental called us at 5:30 in the morning," Veronica explained.  "By the time we (my husband and I) got here at 6, the water was already in our shop and coming up.  Within an hour to an hour and a half there were townspeople here and we just started backing up trailers and loading stuff out." 

Graphic Ideas and the Vanishing Point Car Wash are located in the same building on the east side of Highway 148, which runs north from Highway 34, on the east side of Corning.  By the time the flood waters stopped rising, the car wash was six feet under water.  The new business owners had no flood insurance and FEMA immediately denied them because they were business owners and not home owners.

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