Photo of Rosanna Brammer

Custom Jewelry Business Growing on Family Farm in Osceola

Rosanna Brammer turned her artistic talent into a productive business on the family farm outside of Osceola.  Brammer started small, in 2004, selling Christmas tree ornaments made from costume jewelry.  She has expanded her merchandise line since that time and now operates Rose's Beads to Bangles, a manufacturer of custom jewelry, and has a retail shop at her farm, 1862 180th Avenue, Osceola (4½ miles west of Osceola on US Highway 34 and 1/8 mile north on 180th Avenue). 

It was April 2007 when Brammer learned of the South Central Iowa SBDC Smart Start class.  "I was making plans to grow my custom jewelry business by building an on-farm custom jewelry shop and reaching out to new customers," stated Brammer.  "The Smart Start class was excellent and more importantly, it was the beginning of my relationship with the South Central Iowa SBDC."  

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Photo of Pat Loudon

South Central Iowa SBDC Assists Owner with Purchase of Paper Distribution Company

Pat Loudon was in search of a business opportunity in early 2008 when he initiated discussion about the acquisition of BM Sales, a privately owned paper distribution business.  Loudon had lost his job after the closing of his former employer, Wausau Homes of Corning. 

Ironically, when Loudon headed to meet with Dave McLaren at the South Central Iowa SBDC office in Creston about becoming a small business owner, he had no idea that the previous owner would also be contacting McLaren regarding his potential sale.   

The owner was interested in selling and Loudon was interested in purchasing, but neither party felt qualified to name the purchase price.  In the end, following confidential individual meetings with each party and a joint meeting to make everyone aware of the others' intentions, McLaren was able to act as mediator between the two parties who soon entered into a purchase agreement. 

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Photo of Gabe and Linda Carroll

Couple Opens Chiropractic Office in Creston Following College Graduation

College graduation + marriage + relocation + opening a small business = SUCCESS! 

Now just imagine completing all those tasks in a little more than four months.  That's just what Drs. Gabe and Linda Carroll did during 2009.

In January 2009, Gabe and Linda were both nearing the end of their schooling at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport.  They started discussing where they might live and gain employment following college graduation.  Gabe, who is originally from Creston, said after looking into employment possibilities, such as working with other doctors or taking over a practice, they just couldn't find a good fit.  At that point, they decided to move to Creston and began looking at the possibility of opening their own business.

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