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Carpentry and Building Trades

Train for a career in construction!  SWCC's carpentry and building trades program will prepare you for entry into the construction industry.  From residential home construction to light commercial building, SWCC's hands-on carpentry program will help you land the job you want!

Each year, SWCC carpentry students build a residential home in the Creston community, learning to build hip and valley stick frame roofs, raised panel cabinetry, over-the-post railing systems, and finished oak stairs.  SWCC's program allows students to complete all four levels of apprenticeship training as recommended by the Bureau of Apprenticeship Training and recognized by the Associated Builders and Contractors, Incorporated. 

Graduates of SWCC's carpentry and building trades program can be found working across the country.

NOTE: This program is located on the Creston campus.

Awards Available

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree is a specialized degree that can be used for immediate entry into the workplace.  Emphasis is placed on competence of applying basic principles, theories, and occupational skills.  These are two-year programs.

A diploma is awarded upon successful completion of all courses in a career and technical education program of less than two years.

Certificate Icon Certificate 

A certificate is awarded following successful completion of a select group of career courses in a four- to six-month format.

Potential Careers

  • Carpenter
  • Building materials sales
  • Building contractor
  • Sheetrock hanger and finisher
  • Roofer
  • Concrete finisher
  • Business owner

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  • CON 141 Basic Construction Skills
  • CON 155 Carpentry Level I
  • CON 183 Construction Lab IA
  • CON 184 Construction Lab IB
  • CON 237 Carpentry Level IIA
  • CON 267 Carpentry Level IIB
  • CON 188 Construction Lab IIA
  • CON 189 Construction Lab IIB
  • COM 724 Employment Communications
  • CON 115 Commercial Print Reading
  • CON 377 Carpentry Level III
  • CON 187 Construction Lab III
  • ECN 115 Personal Finance
  • CON 159 Carpentry Level IV
  • CON 191 Construction Lab IV
  • CON 425 Internship

Click on the course number in the list above to view the course description. This may not be a complete list of courses that may be included for the Carpentry and Building Trades program. To see all courses in a semester-by-semester plan, view the Carpentry and Building Trades program course outline.

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Degree requirement advising sheet

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • practice quality workmanship.
  • communicate with customers and coworkers on construction jobs in ways that effectively support the work to be accomplished and promote customer satisfaction.
  • use appropriate materials, tools, equipment and procedures to carry out work on construction projects.
  • demonstrate professional workplace habits including punctuality, attitudes, behaviors, and craftsmanship expected in the construction industry.
  • demonstrate proper safety practices and procedures at all times in the classroom, laboratory, and at the building sites.
  • demonstrate appropriate framing skills efficiently.
  • perform proper interior and exterior finishing techniques to a variety of construction projects.
  • perform accurate estimating/print reading functions to a variety of building projects.
  • describe basic carpentry theory and apply the use of hand and power tools of the carpentry trade.
  • apply math skills to be able to solve math related construction problems on site.

US Dept of Labor Occupational Profile for Carpentry and Building Trades Diploma - 47-2031

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