Tim Kenyon, the Union County attorney, has been in contact with Dio Ayala, SWCC criminal justice instructor, regarding a potential ongoing internship opportunity for SWCC students who major in criminal justice. 

According to a recent Creston News Advertiser article, entitled "County attorney seeks partnership with SWCC's criminal justice department," Kenyon asked the Union County Board of Supervisors for permission to hire a video clerk during their Sept. 8, 2020, meeting. The individual in this position would be asked to watch footage from police body and car cameras. Kenyon indicated this task can be extremely time consuming, therefore, it is helpful to him to have a clerk review the footage in its entirety and note the relevant times that need reviewed.

Kenyon contacted Ayala to guage student interest in a position such as this.

“We are excited to partner with the Union County attorney on this unique position,” stated Ayala. “This is a unique position as only one other county attorney in the state of Iowa has this type of position. This partnership, I believe, will give students opportunities that they can use immediately after graduation.”

The internship will start by the end of the month.